Mindful Monday

Mindfulness is a great way to connect to our bodies and our feelings. Focusing on how we feel inside and out is a great way to start our week of wellness. Try one or all of the following activities either by yourself or with your family.

  1. Find shapes in the sky by laying down together and choosing different objects to search for in the clouds

  2. Eat your snack in sloooow motion. Think about the taste of each bite. Think about how the texture of your snack changes as you chew it. Think about how your body feels before and after you eat.

  3. Color your feelings: pull out whatever art supplies you have and color a picture of how you feel today. You can also do this activity in your mind. Lay on the ground and share what color your feelings are.

  4. Think about your favorite mindfulness activity from school and share it with someone you know. Guide them through the exercise.

  5. Choose a mindfulness activity from Inner Explorer to do by yourself or with the people in your life.