Helmet Distribution

2:50pm Wednesday, Sep 29th & 1:30-3:30pm Thursday, Sep 30th

The first Wednesday in October is National Bike or Walk to School Day. To get ready for a year of biking, skating and scootering, Wednesday & Thursday COAST+SBBIKE will have helmets available for children toddler age and up. Bring your child and the helmet experts will guild you on sizing and fitting the perfect helmet. This year there will also be bike lights available. There is a suggested donation of $10 per helmet and $10 per pair of lights. Look for the pop up tent across the street from the school in the Evergreen Park area. Both parent/adult and child need to be present and make sure to wear your masks. Cash, check, credit card & digital payments will be accepted.

Don't forget to BOW WOW- Bike On Wednesday's Walk On Wednesday's

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