PTA Meeting Zoom LinkThursday, September 9, 20215:30-6:30pm

Come to the PTA Zoom Meeting to learn more about how Brandon families support our students, teachers and staff. Find out about community enrichment opportunities, what is happening on campus and have a voice on how funds are spent.

  • Please RSVP via ParentSquare each month.

  • Include your first & last name when joining the meeting.

  • Multiple people on one Zoom? Include all names so that we may identify those in attendance.

  • The chat will be available for your questions and comments. You may also raise your hand.

  • Only members whom are up to date on their dues may vote, please visit Totem to check.

  • Should you have items you would like addressed please email

  • Sign ups needed for a Spanish bi-lingual volunteer to translate.

  • Sign ups needed to read the Mission Statement.

Parent Teacher Association Meeting Agenda

Downloadable Documents

September 9, 2021

Mission Statement: The PTA will work collaboratively and in equal partnership with parents, teachers, students, and school leaders in its commitment to build a school community that embraces all children. When all children are successful, our individual children will be successful.

Link to agenda, minutes & financials

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5:30 PM Call to Order

  • Mission Statement: read by Association Member Stephanie Kessler Labate

  • Introductions

5:35 PM Attendance and Voting Procedures- Dawnielle Burich, PTA Parliamentarian

5:40 PM Approval of Minutes - Irene Murphy, PTA Secretary

  • Made available for review online prior to meeting (Voted on by the Association)

5:45 PM Financial Report & Presentation of Bills - Katie AbuGhazaleh, PTA Treasurer

Budget Link

6:00 PM Principal’s Report - María Larios-Horton, Principal

6:05 PM Teacher Representative’s Report

6:10 PM Executive Board Report - Irene Murphy, PTA Secretary

6:15 PM Committee Reports

6:20 PM Unfinished Business

6:20 PM New Business

6:25 PM Announcements with Q&A

  • Volunteer

  • Next Meeting is October 7th, 5:30pm via Zoom

6:30 PM Adjourn

6:40 PM Board meeting

Past Meeting Minutes

9-9-21 PTA Association Meeting Minutes

Approved 2021-2022 Budget

Budget 2021-22.pdf

Balance Sheet

05.31.21 - Balance Sheet.pdf
06.30.21 - Balance Sheet.pdf
07.31.21 - Balance Sheet.pdf
08.31.21 - Balance Sheet.pdf

Income Statement

05.01.21-05.31.21 - Income Statement.pdf
06.01.21-06.30.21 - Income Statement.pdf
07.01.21-07.31.21 - Income Statement.pdf
08.01.21-08.31.21 - Income Statement.pdf

Treasurer's Report

05.31.21 - Treasurer's Report.pdf
06.30.21 - Treasurer's Report.pdf
07.31.21 - Treasurer's Report.pdf
08.31.21 - Treasurer's Report.pdf

Audit Report