January 17, 20235:30-7:00pm

Come to the PTA Zoom Meeting to learn more about how Brandon families support our students, teachers and staff.  Find out about community enrichment opportunities, what is happening on campus and have a voice on how funds are spent.  

Parent Teacher Association Meeting Agenda

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February 21, 2023

PTA Zoom Meeting Link

Mission Statement:  The PTA will work collaboratively and in equal partnership with parents, teachers, students, and school leaders in its commitment to build a school community that embraces all children.  When all children are successful, our individual children will be successful.


01-17-2023 Association Agenda

PTA Meeting Minutes - Jan 17, 2022

1-17-2023 Association Meeting Minutes

Audit Report

Jan-June 2022 AuditReport .pdf

Audit Checklist

Jan-June, 2022Audit_Checklist.pdf

Treasurer's Report

05.01.22-08.31.22 - Treasurer Report.pdf
09.30.22 Treasurer Report.pdf